KO2 Adventures

We offer an exhilarating experience that will help reintroduce discipline and education to our youth. Our programs help build the skills and knowledge through hands-on activities with group interactions. We encourage healthy lifestyles through outdoor active and educational opportunities.

About Us

Our mission is to put our principles into practice through our various programs. We aim to provide a safe experience through careful supervision. We also offer a variety of activities where children can succeed, build confidence and have fun.

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What We Do

KO2 Adventures is all about valuable investment for the future of the youth. We aim to inspire children to become leaders and engage in leadership training as well as develop skills within our program.

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Contact Us

Please use the form below to contact us with any questions, suggestions or comments you may have.

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Welcome to KO2 Adventures.

We welcome all people to join us and become part of the community.

Established in 2010, KO2 Adventures has grown to enhance the lives and facilitate the youth to encounter their potential skills in dirt bike riding. We are based in North Yorkshire, operating on the commitment to build a passion for dirt biking. Our regional focus relies on our different activities provided here at KO2 Adventures. We have a wonderful support team and great teams like Electric Chainsaw Experts willing to offer their services and create awesome trails with their equipment. We truly couldn’t do it without them and everyone else.

KO2 Adventures works with “at risk” youth who may struggle with school, socially and labeled with behavioral issues. We hope to build confidence and encourage children to go beyond the education system. We aim to provide the necessary life skills, education, and opportunities that will improve their lives for the years to come. Rather than sitting on your large recliner at home, you get your kids outside in nature.

With our community organization, we strive to provide support and mentoring to the youngsters of the North Yorkshire community. We believe that the right motivation will encourage their potential and empowered through strength activities.

KO2 Adventures is committed to families with children with a passion for motocross sports. Our passion is to provide support to families who may be struggling as we aim to promote positivity. We help to mentor kids and build a stable environment. We help modify behavior by teaching discipline and new skills to children. We employ an awesome personal trainer as well to keep kids in tip top shape.

We offer an intensive mentoring strategy where we spend hours building health and healthy relationships with the children and families. Our youth work hard to earn ride time. Therefore we encourage good behavior and good grades to get a good time on the trail. We also include fun events like barbecues featuring food made with a Smoke Hollow electric smoker.

KO2 Adventures aims to help children discover more about life and create an environment to help connect with others. We aim to empower children all over the community through dirt bike riding therapy.

We also aim to help parents and children develop new skills while providing support, accountability, and feedback that result in solutions and success.