The Importance of Muffler for Our Vehicles

If you haven’t heard of a muffler before, basically, it’s a part of the exhaust system that reduces noise that comes from your engine to an acceptable level. However, you can still drive a car or a motorbike without a muffler as long as they don’t emit such loud noises. What a muffler does is it dampens the noises coming from your vehicle’s engine. Once you take this off, prepare to be bombarded by complaints from other drivers because of your engine making loud noises.

Modifying Your Exhaust: Is It Really Important?

All vehicles had different sound levels. The purpose of modifying an exhaust are as follows:

  • To improve power and reduce power losses
  • To change the type of sound it emits
  • To make other types of modifications

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Different vehicles have different noise levels as shown in this short list below:

  • Motorcycle/trike with 125cc or less engine capacity – 96 dB
  • Motorcycle/trike with 125cc or more engine capacity – 100 dB
  • Passenger vehicles/Light goods vehicles (Car, MPV, Minibus, UTE, Van) – 95 dB

For every 10 dB, the louder it gets. For example, a 600cc motorbike at max volume can be twice as loud just like a 5-litre V8 from 2007. However, vehicles these days are equipped with factory-modified exhausts that are louder than standard exhausts. With that being said, having a muffler is definitely important.

Objective Noise Testing for Your Vehicles

Getting an objective noise test is a way to prove if your vehicle really emits the lowest noise as possible. Even though you’ve modified your vehicle’s exhaust, or if your vehicle already passed Warrant of Fitness’ quick noise test, all of these are just nothing when you don’t get an objective noise test.

There’s a probability that the police will pull you over if they find your vehicle is too loud enough. A pink or green sticker will be given to you, and this is a sign that an objective noise test is really needed. Once your vehicle passed the test, a certifier will attach a label to your vehicle and you will be given a certificate. It’s a simple test that doesn’t take hours to do, and it’s not necessary to repeat this test unless you will make some changes to your vehicle’s exhaust in the future.