KO2 Adventures is a leading community cause that is committed to helping the youth engage in dirt biking. We aim to help the young people of North Yorkshire build confidence and re-educate themselves through dirt biking and motocross sports.

At KO2 Adventure, we believe that all children must have the opportunity to explore the outdoors, build confidence, overcome challenges and try new things. This can be done and succeeded in a safe and nurturing environment.
We offer an exhilarating experience that will help reintroduce discipline and education to our youth. Our programs help build the skills and knowledge through hands-on activities with group interactions. We encourage healthy lifestyles through outdoor active and educational opportunities.

Our mission is to put our principles into practice through our various programs. We aim to provide a safe experience through careful supervision. We also offer a variety of activities where children can succeed, build confidence and have fun.

KO2 Adventures is committed to offering children the best chance to engage with others and make a lifetime of friendship and a passion for motocross sports. We believe that through dirt biking, children will develop the skills that will leave an impact on them throughout their lives.