A Beginners Guide to Motocross Riding

If you’re looking for off-road racing but don’t have the perfect jeep or car to begin with, then try motocross riding. It is one of the most common off-road motorized sports that gained popularity back then until now. Motocross riding not only brings you fun and extreme thrills, but also health benefits such as building your body strength and conditioning.

In this article, you’ll find sixteen motocross tips and riding techniques that’ll help you in your first time motocross journey. Keep in mind that not every one of these tips are suitable for you, so only follow the ones that you think you’re capable of doing. So what are we waiting for? Continue reading down below.

  1. Keep Your Hands on the Grips

  • Stop showing off if you can’t do it just yet. While midair, keep your hands on the handlebars for safety purposes. Also, force yourself to use one or two fingers on the clutch. If you do, you’ll be able to gain control over your bike once it lands.
  1. Regular Riding

  • Doing this will improve your motocross fitness such as your muscles in your forearm. However, finding the right time and money is the real challenge here.
  1. Stretch Before You Ride

  • Stretching is a part of every sport, and motocross is no exception. Before hopping on into your bike, stretch your body most especially your forearms. So how do we do this forearm stretching technique? First, put your hands in front of your body. After doing so, put them below the handlebars’ level and put your fingers’ tips against the grips. Lastly, press your grips. As a result, you will feel the muscles underside your forearms are stretching.
  1. Never Wear Tight Gloves

  • Making your hands as comfy as possible is the key for an enjoyable and safe ride. Wearing tight hand gloves may result to restricting your blood flow which will cause some difficulties later on. So make sure to wear high quality comfortable gloves before hopping on the bike.
  1. Check the Controls

  • Before you start, make sure that the controls are set up appropriately. Check if the brake and clutch lever is in line with your forearms. Having them in the wrong position will make them hard to reach whenever you need them.
  1. Exercise Your Forearms

  • Do some forearm exercises such as squeezing a ball and clench your hands before you release it. Do this until you feel that your forearms are beginning to ache. Once it does, swap it into your other hand.


  1. Muscular Endurance

  • Motocross involves races that will really test your endurance and potential limit. Ready yourself by exercising your muscles so that you will be able to up for the challenge. Circuit training is your best friend when it comes to that. Choose ten exercises like squats, sit-ups, jump rope, and more. Perform all these exercises with little to no rests in between and gradually increase their time as you make your way through.
  1. Train Yourself

  • During your rest days, or even your spare time, do swimming, cycling, skipping, or running in soft sand. This will improve your cardiovascular system and improve your strength too. These exercises are all low-impact so you don’t have to worry of getting injured at all.
  1. Proper Breathing Technique

  • This may seem odd for some, but having proper breathing technique will help you out once you’re in the track. Breathing improperly will result to ineffective muscle use, low energy, and distractions. While still at home or during your free time, practice breathing deeply by filling up your lungs with air. This is essential especially for a sport like motocross riding.
  1. Warm Up

  • Warming up is essential for every sport, even for motocross riding. Doing warms up before you get on the activity will yield great results on your performance. Your heart rate will increase and your blood flow will get a boost up too when you do some warm ups.
  1. Watch Your Own Performance

  • Sports these days are usually recorded so that you’ll be able to view your performance thereafter. Don’t be afraid to watch your own performance even if you did some mistakes. This will enable you to see where you did wrong so you will be able to improve yourself in your next race.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Don’t focus on practicing only one trick. If you’re done with the first one, get on to the next one. Work on your techniques during your practice session.
  1. Hydrate Yourself

  • Fuel up by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water before and after the race or even during your practice days. Fruit juices is recommended for racers because it contains lots of natural vitamins and minerals which is definitely needed for your body.
  1. Control Your Eating Habits

  • Picking the right foods is essential for every racer. Don’t consume anything heavy, go for light snacks instead such as fruits, cereal, and some healthy juice. Opt for whole wheat bread instead of white bread. Go online and research about diet regimens for you to follow.
  • Train yourself to consume low-fat foods. Put plenty of vegetables and fruits into your diet as you progress. Avoid eating junk foods and replace them with something healthy and nutritious. Not just that, processed foods also needs to go too and replace them with meats to get that much needed protein your body needs. Protein helps on building muscle which is important to build body strength.
  1. Pre-Race Foods

  • If your race is scheduled in the morning, then eat foods that are high in carbs the night before. However, if your race is in the evening, eat loads of meals during breakfast and lunch and continue eating small meals throughout the day that are high in carbohydrates.
  1. Post-Race Foods

  • Now that we know what kind of foods to eat pre-race, let’s talk about during post-race. Your body needs to recover the energy it lost during the race, so in order to do that, you must eat foods that are rich in protein, fat, and carbs post-race. Don’t forget to keep variety, moderation, and balance in mind while eating and don’t just chug down food like a hungry bear losing itself.

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