Coping Up with Road Rage and Where It’s Most Prevalent

Morning commutes and afternoon grinds are probably the worst time of the day for car owners. Heavy traffic resulting in gridlock can really put a steam out of your head resulting on a recipe for disaster. Road rage is most likely caused by excessive speeding, following too closely, and other irresponsible actions on the street. But is there a way to prevent such?

Endless Causes for Road Rage

  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has compiled a list of causes why road rage happens. This includes traffic delays, running late, and the anonymity a vehicle provides. A research conducted by the Auto Insurance Center (AIC) also revealed some interesting facts about road rage. In the study, they showed that over 100,000 Instagram posts since 2011 have #RoadRage on their photo caption.

Seasonal Situations

  • The study conducted by the AIC goes further on examining seasonal changes when it comes to road rage. Based on the study, summer is the time where travelers are over the place, resulting in heavy traffic and busy streets that lead to road rage. However, there are still situations like this even before the hotter months. Back to the Instagram data, #RoadRage posts are more prevalent in May compared to the other months.
  • Not to mention the holidays, where people are busy going out to buy something to prepare for Christmas. 2016 is the year where travelers are being reported for rude gestures, reckless driving, frustration, and other transportation problems.

Thank God It’s Friday. Not.

  • Entering the weekend is probably the best time of the week. Well, not for car owners. During Friday, you’ll most likely see lots of people enjoying their time through the night. Lots of teenagers on the streets, drunk people recklessly playing in front of traffic, now that’s a recipe for road rage. AIC found that Instagram posts about #RoadRage are the highest during Friday, while Sunday and Monday on the other hand, has the least amount of Instagram posts.

Places Where Road Rage is Most Prevalent

  • Miami, San Francisco, Orlando, and San Diego are one of the few locations that have the highest rank of road rage IG posts since 2013. Number one being New York City, which isn’t surprising anyway. Not to mention locations such as Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Georgia are also included in the list too.

Avoiding Road Rage

  • One way to avoid road rage is to calm yourself and don’t take traffic problems seriously. You should also definitely avoid arguing with erratic drivers on the road to prevent further issues. The study conducted by the Auto Insurance Center is already enough proof that road rage is pretty much still existing to date. Now that driverless/autonomous cars are being developed, will this address the issue in the near future? Only time will know.

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