The Pros & Cons of Self-Driving Cars

Technology is getting more advanced as time goes by, to the point that driverless cars are now becoming a thing these days. Inventors have made it possible to develop these type of cars to be used in real life that are only seen in movies before.

Don’t be confused with the words “autonomous” and “driverless”. Autonomous cars are just versions of our existing vehicles that has the ability to take over from the driver under various circumstances. Driverless cars however, are the next big thing when it comes to mobility, since these cars are developed with no steering wheels or pedals in mind. Google, one of the biggest and richest company in the world, is involved in developing the necessary software to be used by these futuristic vehicles.

How it Works

  • You may be wondering, how in the world will these vehicles work in our world today. Basically, driverless cars used various tech that aids them while roaming their surroundings. Tech such as GPS, radar, lidar, and computer vision are used by these vehicles that enables them to turn, run, and operate automatically without our help.
  • A constantly updated digital map is also installed in these cars which allows them to adapt to various situations, and gives them the ability to travel through unknown locations.

Classifying Automated Vehicles

Level 0: Driver has complete control of the vehicle.

Level 1: Some vehicle controls are automated.

Level 2: Two or more controls can be automated at the same time.

Level 3: The driver can let the car take over in certain situations.

Level 4: The driver has no role at all and the car will do all the part of the driving process.


  • Driverless cars can be used as a moving mini-leisure rooms. Everyone can enjoy their time doing anything inside the car without worrying about driving matters.
  • Passengers can enjoy their journey and sleep for the night especially during long trips.
  • Commute times will be reduced drastically since driverless cars will find the best route without heavy traffic.
  • No more arguing about directions, the driverless car will do everything for you.
  • These cars can perceive the environment better than human senses. Meaning it can see farther ahead, detect small and subtle objects, have better visibility compared to us.
  • Say goodbye to parking hassle, let the car do its job.
  • PWDs and people that doesn’t know how to drive will be able to experience what it feels like to have freedom of car travel.
  • Efficient travel means less fuel to be used which is essential if you’re on a budget.
  • A smoother riding experience.



  • They’ll be extremely expensive once available.
  • Taxi drivers, bus driver, and truck drivers alike will lose their jobs since people will be dependent on driverless cars.
  • Glitches and malfunctioning are more likely to occur and it can be a hassle to troubleshoot especially when you’re in the middle of the road.
  • These driverless cars will always collect your location and information and may lead to major privacy concerns.
  • Weather is probably the biggest challenge these self-driving cars will take. Heavy rain may damage the sensors, and snow can interfere with the vehicle’s cameras.
  • Hackers will get into the vehicle’s software and modify things that may affect the car’s performance and reliability.
  • Robots will be having a hard time reading road signs.
  • People who wants to learn how to drive will not be able to do anymore since everything will be ruled by driverless cars.
  • Road system and infrastructure may need major upgrades to make it compatible with driverless cars.
  • Terrorist are more likely to use these self-driving cars and put explosives in them for their evil plans.
  • Hand signals are still difficult for computers to understand.
  • Police will be having a difficult time to determine which fault is it whenever a crime or an accident happens with the driverless car involved.

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